We seek to address and discuss the thoughts, beliefs, and practices of Contemporary American Evangelical Christianity. Today’s church is not without its problems or issues. It’s membership seems to be in decline and people are becoming increasingly more disinterested. The folks in attendance are getting weak sermons and lists of new things to do each week. Within a wide variety of church movements, people are being fed a performance based salvation (which is no salvation at all), rather than being taught to trust in the finished work of Christ.

Our objective is to serve two purposes: First of all, our goal like Martin Luther’s is the proclamation of the Gospel - “the Good News that God the Father sent His Son Jesus Christ into our world to take on our flesh and bone, to suffer and die in our place, and to rise from the grave in order for us to have forgiveness of our sin, freedom from our fear of death, and eternal life with Him”. We seek to proclaim this message and its promises found in God’s word so that people may hear the good news of salvation, even for the Christian. The gospel is central to the Christian faith and ought to be heard daily and especially on Sunday mornings.   

Secondly, we hope to serve as a correction to a vast array of erroneous teachings spread by over zealous and unqualified ministers. Ideas and principles offered up by many good intentioned people, but gravely misled. Pastors often times polarizing to one side of a truth and failing to find the paradoxical tensions that exist within scripture such as Law and Gospel.  Our thoughts and ideas are not uniquely  ours, rather they are gathered from those who have gone before us and those in our midst who have spent the pain staking hours in thoughtful study and prayer.